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In the movie Field of Dreams the main character hears a voice that tells him “if you build it they will come”. To make a long story short, he builds it, they come.

Far too many businesses apply this thinking to their website, focusing all of their effort creating a spectacular website with all of the bells and whistles, only to be sorely disappointed when nobody visits. Let’s examine why this happens.


When it comes right down to it there are only two ways people will visit your website.

  1. Type the URL of your website
  2. Referral

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. You know it simply as this for example – Typing in your website URL won’t bring you the number of visitors you need to grow your business. In fact it will be a woefully low number because it depends on a visitor knowing the URL. Even large companies with short well known URL’s (think AT&T)  don’t get most of their traffic by those typing in the URL.


Referrals on the other hand can bring millions of visitors to your website.

Referrals is a broad category which includes links from other websites, and directories like Yelp for one.  These are great sources of traffic and should not be ignored, but the best referral, and greatest source of traffic to your website will be from search engines. Without search engine traffic you will never reach your potential. Without search engine traffic it will be next to impossible to grow your business.

Search Engines

When it comes to search engines Google is the name most people think of. How many times have you heard “just Google it”?  But there are other search engines; Bing, Yahoo, Duck-Duck-Go to name a few. Search engines “crawl” every website on the internet daily, index them, and use complicated algorithms to match a users search request to the most relevant websites.

If you think about your own habits, searchers usually find what they’re looking for on the first page, maybe two,  of the search results. That’s where your website needs to appear for searches relevant to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The importance of appearing on page one ushered in a field of expertise called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. These professionals understand the search engines ever changing algorithms, and get your website ranked when the users intent and your website are a match.


One of the reasons the algorithms are frequently changing is because some “SEO Experts”  use  “Black Hat” tactics that try to trick the search engines. Theses tactics result in a high percentage of  website visitors who are searching for something entirely different from what you provide.

Search Engines want to deliver results that match the searchers intent, so they put a lot of effort into discovering these dishonest tactics. Black Hat SEO  might deliver results quickly, but in the long run may seriously damage a websites reputation when the trickery is discovered. By that time you’ve paid your “SEO expert” and they are gone.


Reputable SEO firms employ what is known as “White Hat” methods to get a website ranked. These methods help the search engines match the users intent to your website. It may take more time to get results, but your results will be long term, and your business reputation will not be destroyed.

SEO done right turns visitors into customers

Visitors turn into customers only when their search intent matches what you provide. After all, what good is a website visitor looking for pair of running shoes ending up on a website selling rare coins?

Adaptechs employs white hat methods to help the search engines know when your product/service is what the searcher is looking for, and rank your website higher than other like websites. We are committed to the ongoing learning required to stay current with the search engines algorithms to achieve maximum results.


Our Web Design, SEO, and Internet Marketing services are results based solutions designed to grow your business and increase revenue, We create great websites that rank in all of the search engines.

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